Solar energy

We have successfully installed 256 photovoltaic panels on the roof of our company in the previous months. The clean energy produced in this way will bring a further increase in energy self-sufficiency and significant savings in CO2 emissions.

Green chill-out zone

Employee well-being and a contribution to the planet - that's the purpose of the green rest area with a pond, flowers and garden shrubs.

Natural gas / LPG Heating

Although heating with solid fuel or biomass is becoming very popular again due to the volatility of the gas market, mkem wants to continue to behave responsibly. Compared to solid fuels, natural gas combustion produces significantly less pollutants and is also more environmentally friendly than, for example, biomass. Therefore, in order to be able to continue heating of the building with minimal negative impact on the environment, we have secured an alternative gas source alongside natural gas - LPG.

Electricity saving with LED technology

Lighting of our production and non-production areas is provided by state-of-the-art LED technology from 2022.

Support of "paperless" technologies

We are constantly striving to reduce the proportion of paper documentation by introducing electronic communication tools, both within the company and in communication with our customers and business partners.

Waste sorting and recycling

The company mkem, spol. s r.o. focuses on waste sorting, collection of hazardous waste and ensuring its safe disposal. In addition, we strive to minimize waste and find meaningful solutions for ecology - both in terms of packaging and the products themselves.